Top Foods Nigerians Eat In Festive Seasons


Jollof Rice
      This is the number one food Nigerians love to eat inn festive seasons. It comes anytime of the day; breakfast/lunch/dinner. It’s not time bounded.


Fried Rice
    Often taken along with Jollof rice but I love taking it alone. Not time bounded two.


Iyan and Egusi soup(Pounded yam and Melon soup).
   This is my best food. It is the peculiar food of my state, Ekiti. Many other states would take this food in the afternoon because it’s solid but a typical Ekiti home like mine takes it in the morning.


    Some posh people take toasted bread and tea in the morning and iyan in the afternoon.

Merry Christmas Dearies. Enjoy this season.

Damilola Aladesuru

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  1. mac Tarzan says:

    Good blog i like it. keep it up and keep updating us on latest foods

    1. Foodie Dame says:

      Thanks 😊

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